Dead Plants Zine


Dead Plants, a zine celebrating the beauty in the ugly.


Studio: Freelance, 2018
Designer and Illustrator: Stefanie Brückler
Created at Adobe Live: Editorial Design in June 2018, San Francisco, CA.
To view the full zine click here.
To learn more about the process of creating this zine, watch the Adobe Live replays here.
Photography of rotten food from Adobe Stock.
Portfolio photography by Stefanie Brückler.

More Info

Dead Plants is a zine celebrating the beauty in the ugly through typography, illustration, photography and collage. The common theme throughout the zine is the beauty of transformation, as seen through wilting flowers, the story of the Frog Prince or the change in texture and smell of rotten fruit and vegetables. The zine was created as part of a three day Adobe Live Editorial Design event in San Francisco.

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