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hommage* is a design studio based in Graz, which was founded by Stefanie Brückler, Katja Mock, Katharina Schwarz and Klara Vith in 2014 as part of a university course. We had to create our own brand and it's identity under which we worked throughout the semester. We worked on branding and packaging projects for a variety of clients.

The logo consists of the word hommage and an asterisk. There are endless variations of our asterisk. They have their shape in common, but the technique of how we apply the asterisk to the paper is always different. They are for example handrawn, punched, stamped, etc.. We use the asterisk to make footnotes on our stationery, website, totebags, etc.

Slogans and Colors
Hommage an die Liebe auf den ersten Druck
homage to love at first print(sight)
Hommage an die Freunde des guten Designs
homage to design connoisseurs
Hommage an das gemeinsame Ziel vor Augen
homage to the aim we share

Some footnotes however, reveal in connection with our logo our 3 slogans. For each one we used a german idiom which we adapted slightly to create the connection to graphic design. Each slogan is used for the section it describes. The first one stands for our designs, the products we develop (used on totebags and our website), the second one for the clients (used on stationery, bills, etc.) and the third one for communication to others (used on business cards). Each section has it’s own color, thus each slogan has always an asterisk with the same color.


Studio: hommage* designwerkstatt, 2014

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Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design

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