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Lendwirbel is an annual block party, which takes place in Lend, Graz. It offers a variety of workshops, concerts, art performances and other events. The motto of this years festival was Unter freiem Himmel, which means under the open sky. As part of the restructuring of the organization team, we were asked to create a new corporate design, new posters and t-shirt designs. Based on the corporate design we developed, other studios created a printed map and timetable and signs and bird houses for the printed timetables.

As for the logo, we decided to use the shape of the district Lend. We devised the word Lendwirbel, in order that the letters WIR, which mean WE stand in the center. In this way we wanted to reflect the feeling of togetherness and sociability, which is actually the pivotal idea of the festival. Since the festival is a somewhat chaotic event, we chose to give the letters and the shape a slightly irregular and handmade feel.

The general idea of reproducing the printed materials was to keep it quite low-budget, just so that everyone in the district can copy the posters and flyers in their offices. Therefore we wanted to keep the whole design in black and white. Under this years motto we created two themes: A sky at night and a sky at daylight. The idea behind this was to point out that there are events taking place by day as well as by night. The stars and the birds represent the different locations where events take place during the festival. The reason why just a few (the major) locations are labelled is that some events at Lendwirbel are unpredictable you’ll never know when and where something happens next.

We also designed white shirts for Lendwirbel staff, with the logo in the front and day and night shirts for the attendees.


Verein Lendwirbel


Studio: hommage* designwerkstatt, 2014
Photography: Klara Vith and Stefanie Brückler

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