Maison Margiela


Maison Margiela ad for Vogue's 125th Anniversary and invitation design for MM's AW17 ‘Artisanal’ collection exhibition.


Maison Margiela


Agency: NR2154, 2017
Creative Direction: Jacob Wildschiøtz
Art Direction: Julie Lysbo, Al Goh
Photography of collages for ad and invite: Christian Högstedt

My Role

Graphic Design, Animation

More Info

For Vogue's 125th anniversary, the publication asked their favorite fashion houses to celebrate the magazine's anniversary in it's September 2017 issue. As part of this celebration, Maison Margiela submitted a compelling birthday message. In September 2017, Maison Margiela exhibited their AW17 ‘Artisanal’ collection at Maxfield in LA. For this exhibition I created the digital invites and stop-motion animations for their social media.

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