Sbjct Journal


Branding and web design for online magazine Sbjct Journal.


Agency: NR2154, 2016/17
Client: Sbjct Journal via NR2154
Creative Director: Jacob Wildschiødtz
Design Director: Elina Asanti
Senior Art Director: Julie Lysbo
Designer: Stefanie Brückler
Web Developer: Frederik Delmotte
Photography courtesy of Sbjct Journal.

More Info

Sbjct Journal is an online magazine that features extraordinary individuals from a range of industries and offers a platform to spark conversation about subjects and causes that inspire and move them. The identity features a system of hand drawn and handwritten elements that add a personal and playful touch to the contrasted typography. The handwritten logo sbjct: changes with every new featured individual and the signature red colon is found throughout the branding as Sbjct’s icon.

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